the movement design collective is the brainchild of 2 designers with backgrounds as diverse as the cultural situation in the tiny red dot.
what started out as a mere passing remark during a pointless talk cock session, the 2 unimaginable partners to be took it upon themselves to turn that vague thought into a genuine reality

after multiple brainstorming sessions, truck loads of company names were floated around with some even forcefully thrown across the table. The 2 of them eventually settled with “the movement” which signifies the constant need to better themselves and move forward in life. The words “design collective” were added afterwards due to conflict of interests in ACRA’s database and also because it sounded more stylo milo

the movement design collective as its name suggest is a collective of human beings with contrasting backgrounds and skill sets, turned interior designers. we pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional experience to home owners in the sunny island of Singapore. We are the curry to your prata and the chilli to your nasi lemak

we are, The Movement